Welcome to Hotel Green View , Rishikesh , India

Hotel Green View

Hotel Green View is located 18 km from the airport. From Haridwar the hotel is 20 Km from road and 44 Km from Dehradun. Green Hotel is located at Swargashram, , Rishikesh, a land where morning are heralded by the chiming of hills, religious hymns , incense aroma, where one can experience divine aura in multifarious forms.

The hotel is phased to the one of the India's most desirable destination for every tourist due to its unique and unparalleled location across the river Ganges in swargashram in the vicinity of Rajaji national park, Uttrakhand. Swargashram lies at the left bank of sacred river Ganges, where people comes from.

All corner of the world to make a holy dip in its water, the river Ganges is a symbol of divine purity for every Indians and ultimate heavenly adobe for Hindus., the area of swargashram is thronged by Indian and International tourists throughout the year. Such is the divine testimonials for tourists. 

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